Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and golf as well as youth basketball

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  • Team Composition.  Teams of 2 will play head-to-head vs. other teams of 2.


  • Format. - Captain's Choice:  Each player plays a shot from their respective tee. The Captain selects the shot the team will use, then the two team players hit from that spot. This process is continued until the ball is holed out. You may lift, clean and place your ball within one club length of the selected shot (except for putts on the green, which must be within one club head length), no nearer to the hole, but you may not change the type of surface of your lie.  If the selected shot is played from a hazard, bunker, rough, fairway or fringe or the green, then the ball must be replaced within the same hazard, bunker, rough, fairway or fringe of the green respectively.  Once ball is properly holed, hole is over.


  • Scoring. Scoring is by hole.  The winner of each hole gets one point.  Ties on a hole is zero for each team.  As soon as a team wins enough holes where the opponent cannot tie or beat the total holes won, scoring is over. The highest score possible for a team is 5.  For example, if a team wins the first 5 holes, the winning score is 5-0.  If Team A wins 3 holes, Team B 2 holes, and 4 holes are tied, the final score is 3-2.  If the score is tied after 9 holes, the tie breaker goes to the team that won the hardest hole for holes played (Use the club's handicap rating on the holes).


  • Missing Player.  If a player on your team cannot make the match for some (very important!) reason, get an alternate lined up (unless alternate is officially registered as an alternate at the beginning of the season, no other alternates are allowed for playoffs)!  If an alternate is not available, the single player can still play.  The single player can take two shots for all shots off the green.  Once on the green, only one shot is allowed. (No second shots are allowed during the playoffs!)


  • Rain. In case of rain, call the club to confirm if the course is open or closed (Reston National: 703-620-9333, Laurel Hill: 703-493-8849, Jefferson: 703-753-0444).  If the course is closed, go to Top Golf, Alexandria (703-924-2600), and play your match, or reschedule on your own!